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Synectic - measurement & control

Whatever you need, wherever you need it.

For over 20 years, Synectic have been developing and manufacturing electronic instruments in the UK and selling them to solve problems around the world. We specialise in weight display and control, in load-cells and load-cell amplifiers, in meters, signal converters and data acquisition equipment. Our products are compact, accurate, reliable and excellent value for money. Other suppliers might make the same claims, but Synectic offer something different. Yes, we produce and supply great off-the-shelf products, but we also love to develop bespoke solutions.  Whatever it is that you need to measure, wherever it is located, we can help.

Synectic are engineers with a real problem-solving approach. We’ve developed technologically advanced test equipment for industries as diverse as construction and aerospace. Research establishments and universities around the world use our measuring and recording equipment. We’ve built digital amplifiers for wave barrages and tiny, but tough, components for testing Formula OneTM cars.  The solution may be simple, it may be complex, but you can rely on us to get it right. We’re trusted by bodies, such as the Motor Industry Research Authority, F1 racing teams and the Science Museum in London, and by multi-national businesses, such as Shell and St Gobain.

Our team is small, friendly and very experienced. We can offer advice and support if you need it and get involved in your project at whatever level. We’re proud to have been awarded the quality management standard, UKAS accredited ISO 9001 and to be recognised by the Carbon Smart initiative for sustainable practices.  

Customers keep coming back to Synectic and that’s because we’re doing the right thing. For more information call us on 01204 819021.

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