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SY005 Load Cell Display and Batch Weighing Controller

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Q: Can you still enter the calibration settings if the pin number has been forgotten?

A: A pin number is always required to get into the calibration settings. If the pin number has been forgotten, Synectic devices have a secure one that can't be changed but you need to contact us to acquire this pin number. It will only be shared by us with a person whose authority we can verify.
Q: At the end of operation the screen went blank, what caused this?

A: This would of been caused by a high voltage spike. To prevent a high voltage spike source the power for the SY005 unit and the inductive load separately (see manual for wiring diagram).
Q: How do i calibrate the 4 - 20mA output?

A: Go through the calibration procedure until you get to "FS out", type in the weight you would like it to output 20mA e.g 100Kg would be set as 0100.00.
Q: The batch weight display is incorrect how do I calibrate it?

A: 1. Select Weight indicator mode and add a test weight to check that calibration is ok. 2. In a multi-cell system check the balance by placing a test weight over each loadcell in turn; the readings should be very close. 3. Any significant differences will indicate a fault with (one of) the loadcell(s), the way it is fitted or the connection.
Q: What should I do when the unit beeps continuously and does not respond to the keypad?

A: This can be caused by a normally closed push button being used for the remote stop. Disconnect and use a normally open push button
Q: What should i do when the unit starts and stops almost immediately?

A: The preclose value has been set too high, go through the unit settings and change the value.
Q: What should i do when six dashes appear when the start button is pressed to begin a batch?

A: The unit has been set to manual batch reference mode and is therefore waiting for 6 digit entry of batch reference number. If the batch reference is required to increment automatically return to the calibration mode. when you get to REF there are two options ENT and Auto, select Auto for automatic incrementation
Q: How do i fix the SY005 Weight indicator when it shows SEtPt- continuously?

A: 1. This happens if a normally closed pushbutton is used for remote stop. Replace with normally open pushbutton. 2. A stray wire could cause this error if push button is ok.
Q: What causes the SY005 to decrease in weight when weight is added?

A: Incorrect loadcell connections. Switch the signal wires In+ and In-. If there is a voltmeter with millivolt range; check the voltage between in+ and in-. The voltage should increase as the weight is added also excitation voltage is approximtely 7.5V so at full scale the output of a connected loadcell = 7.5 * mV/V. Example: 2mV/V loadcell At full scale output = 15mV
Q: Why does unit turn off immediately after batch starts?

A: The preclose value may have been set too high, go through the unit settings and change the value. It needs to be lower than the batch size. Alternatively there may be electrical spikes being generated by a pump , valve or conveyor or some piece of switch gear being energized by the controller at the start of the batch. The controller may require suppression capacitors to be fitted across the contractor coil. We can supply these. Contact supplier if suppression capacitor missing.
Q: Can you measure weight out of a bulk container?

A: Different industries use different terms for this; Back weighing, loss-in-weight being two that spring to mind. When you weigh the vessel that you are batching out of as opposed to the vessel you are weighing into. Selecting subtract in the calibration mode enables this.
Q: What happens to the stored data if the power fails?

A: The instruments have two sets of memory. One that stores the calibration data. The other that is fitted on the data logging option that stores all of the measurements (up to 8000) as date and time stamped events. All of the information is safe in non volatile memory and not dependent on the power/batteries.
Q: How can you prevent operators changing weighing calibration?

A: Synectic controllers have Pin number protection for entering the calibration mode. A key switch can be fitted as extra security. If the pin number has been acquired and used this will be recorded by a non-resettable counter that increments when calibration changes are made. This number should be recorded at each legitimate calibration.
Q: What should I do when the program can't connect to the batch controller?

A: This can be caused by incorrect wiring, wrong data format or your com port number being to high. Check your wiring and data format first and if they are correct it is more than likely going to be the com port number, this can be easily solved by editing your registry. The first thing to do is uninstall any USB serial converters, this is done by going to control panel - system - hardware - device manager. Once in your device manager right click the ports branch and press uninstall. Now they are uninstalled go to the start menu and click the icon "run", once it has opened type RegEdit and click ok. Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Control - COM Name Arbiter, highlight COM Name Arbiter and go to file - export and pick a suitable file name and location to save it to (this is if a problem occurs you can restore it back to its original settings). Open the file that says ComDB and highlight all the values and delete them all and click ok, now all your com ports have been reset try to connect the controller to the program again.

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SY005 Load Cell Display and Batch Weighing Controller

The Load cell display and batch weighing / process controller links with load cells to control the accurate measurement of batches of materials by weight. This digital panel meter makes process weighing applications simple. Batch quantities are entered using the numeric keypad and displayed on the large 6 digit LED display (14mm).  A secondary 5 digit display can show the weight in the weighed silo for loss in weight applications. For add in weight systems it can display the number of batches since last reset. This is ideal for bag or drum filling applications as it keeps a tally for the operator.THERE HAVE BEEN MANY VERSIONS OF SY005 IF YOU WANT TO REPLACE ONE YOU HAVE ENSURE YOU GIVE THE SERIAL NUMBER OR FIRMWARE VERSION

The SY005 has a built in strain guage bridge amplifier and bridge excitation reference for direct connection to up to 4 x 350Ω load cells. The excitation supply is also used as the A to D converter reference for true ratiometric measurement. A control relay with in-flight compensation is included together with 3 independent Control relays (270V 6A). An audible tone acknowledges each keypress in addition to the tactile feedback from the click touch keypad. START and STOP buttons are on the keypad and rear terminals are provided for wiring additional remote START and STOP buttons (these can be purchased in the control accessories section). An RS232 link is available for printing batch details material label, batch reference and date and time stamp, for traceability on any serial printer, or remote control and monitoring by a computer.   Comms options are available to enable data logging.  The logged information can be downloaded in CSV (spreadsheet) format .

The 96mm square DIN panel instrument is compact, only 124mm deep behind the panel. There are many firmware variants for this instrument the manuals in the download section will give some of the previously shipped versions but we have the flexibility to use the inputs and outputs to meet your needs. The instrument has been used in applications as diverse as making biscuits and twisting wing strings for aeroplanes.    

All calibration data is password protected and stored in non-volatile memory.  Further security of an incrementing reference that makes evident any changes to measurement parameters between official calibrations.  A keylock can also be fitted to prevent calibration tampering.  The ready mix concrete industry the SY005 meets the requirements of QSRMC.  A matching panel mount printer is available or a desk top tractor feed 80 column printer see associated products.  Any Serial printer can be used with these instruments the intelligence, headers etc. is in the controller not the printer.

Synectic are now offering accessory packs to simplify connection between the instrument and the cabinet you mount it in. They also come with the required leads you need to download the logged data to your PC or to print out the batch results using a serial printer.

For more information on which accessory pack to choose please click this link.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Features at a glance • Measure & Control • Dual Display • Loss in weight & add in weight • Print batch data • RS232, RS485 & USB comms. available
SY005 Datasheet (Nov 2014)342.5KB Download
Accessory packs (June 2016)153.49KB Download
SY005 5.31 Manual (std) (June 2016)454.64KB Download
SY005 PW053.2 Manual (Timed relays)164.12KB Download
SY005 R.13 Manual (3 Material recipe)179.19KB Download
Datalogging Software1.2MB Download