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About Us - Our Company

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Our aims

Our business is built on a foundation of innovation, market-leading product design and customer satisfaction.  

We don’t believe in ‘good enough’ but are always striving to improve every aspect of our technology, business practice and service. We aim to deliver a rewarding customer experience with a friendly, responsive and yet still professional approach.

The Company

Synectic has been developing and manufacturing industrial process control and measurement instrumentation in the UK since 1990.  For more than 25 years, our team has taken pride in supplying what the customer requires, when the customer requires it at the most competitive price.

Our markets

Our products are used by industries as diverse as:

We’ve been proud to work with well-known businesses and organisations including international standards authorities, Shell, Total, BAe systems, St Gobain and many more.

Projects that incorporate some of our products include:

Our services

We work in two ways:

  1. We supply instruments to manufacturers who use them in their production processes
  2. We work in close partnership with companies that incorporate our instruments in their designs.

Many of our clients provide turnkey solutions in which our instruments play a key part. We refine our products to meet our client’s precise engineering criteria.

Where process control is complex, we offer full training and technical support. With large scale installations, our engineers can assist with commissioning.

Our clients often refer their customers to us for help in solving particularly complex issues. They know they can rely upon our integrity and have no fear that we will compromise their commercial position. Their customer will remain their customer.

Our products, your needs