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Mains Frequency monitor that filters out electrical noise. Measurements in Ascii or Modbus protocol to 4 decimal places. Widely used by energy aggregators in demandside energy management.

Dynamic line frequency monitor
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Product Code: SD037
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SD037 Frequency Monitor with Filter

The SD037 is a dynamic line frequency monitor that enables high speed, high accuracy, frequency monitoring even with high levels of harmonic noise. Highly prized  in demand side energy management, it is designed to monitor the frequency of a mains voltage signal and report the value, on demand, via an RS232, RS485 using either simple ASCII commands or  Modbus protocol. Bespoke command sets can be written on request to enable specialist demandside aggregators to enhance their offering to the marketplace. It features a 3 pole low pass Bessel filter with a -3dB frequency of 75Hz. This removes unwanted harmonics from the input signal. It is housed in a DIN rail mount case and powered from a universal input mains supply. Widely used in energy management in industrial and utility applications. The units are supplied pre-calibrated and have been widely tested in the field with accuracy that can be relied upon to remain stable to 3 decimal points for a minimum of 1 year. There are several variants of this product in terms of communication protocols.  If you are replacing a unit please speak to us.  Our records will help us identify exactly what you already have.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

SD037 S-N-A Manual V1.4 (April 2016)316.82KB Download
SD037 N-A-M Manual V1.81 (July 2017)602.56KB Download
SD037 S-A-M Manual V1.82 (July 2017)600.51KB Download
SD037 S-A Manual V1.2 (July 2017)1.42MB Download