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SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

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Brand: Synectic
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Q: Can you still enter the calibration settings if the pin number has been forgotten?

A: A pin number is always required to get into the calibration settings. If the pin number has been forgotten, Synectic devices have a secure one that can't be changed but you need to contact us to acquire this pin number. It will only be shared by us with a person whose authority we can verify.
Q: How do i fix the error message when calibrating to known load?

A: Connect the load to SY031 loadmeter and tare off current reading before calibrating unit, take note that the unit is not in Hold mode.
Q: If the batteries are low will measurement be accurate?

A: Yes. When the batteries are too low to give the transducer the required excitation voltage the instrument will not turn on. That is why there is no battery status indicator.
Q: What is the frequency response?

A: The frequency response can be 60msec, 120msec, 240msec and 360msec. Each are achievable by setting the filter to the correct value. If you have an application where you need a faster response please contact us as it is capable of around 2msec.

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SY031 Portable Digital Load Meter +/-4.5 Digit

SY031 digital load meter is a  handheld battery powered instrument. The 4.5 digit 24 bit instrument displays measurements from load cells, torque transducers and other strain gauge bridge transducers. The meter offers peak and trough hold and up to 16 channels of stored calibration data, stored in non-volatile memory. The indicator is ideal for weight, stress strain and force measurements,  it can also work with potentiometers.  The unit is easy to calibrate by applying a known load, by shunt calibration and with fine adjustment facility to correct for drift over time in transducers. A TEDS enabled transducer version is also available, see SY061. The LCD displays are 10.2mm tall and give user friendly prompts to ease set up and calibration.  The instrument displays scaled readings  with peak and trough capture facility that can be switched in as required.   With the option of RS232 added  the unit can output readings at user programmable timed intervals. We can offer a range of connectors to suit user requirement.  Other options include a rubber holster, a leather clear window fronted case.  This unit can also paired with a load cell and calibrated to Namas standards to use as a calibration set.  User to specify load cell type. 2 x AA batteries give 40 hours operation.  Batteries not consumed by status indicator, insufficient voltage no display.  If the unit will switch on it will measure accurately.  Case ABS Grey size 152L x 83W x 34D mm.

If you require TEDS please see the SY061.

Synectic also offer load cells which can be calibrated to your portable load meter.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Power supply 3V (2x AA Batteries) or DC Power Supply
Calibration method Known load
Comms RS232
Data logging No
Setups stored 16
Teds compatible No
Display 4.5 Digit LCD
Linearisation No
SY031 Datasheet (June 2016)158.21KB Download
SY031 Manual (March 2015)139.92KB Download