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SY038 Din Rail load cell amplifier (user selectable gain)

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Brand: Synectic
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Q: At present my SY038 outputs 12 to 20mA in tension, can I reverse the output to obtain 12 to 4mA?

A: Yes this can be achieved by swapping the signal wires around e,g. Signal + from the load cell goes to In - of the SY038 and Signal - from the load cell goes to In + of the SY038.
Q: How do i set up my SY038I to be a biploar version?

A: To get a bipolar output from a current version you can set the zero as 12mA so the max negative value from the load cell will be 4mA and the max positive value from the load cell will be 20mA. To achieve this the scaling switches will need to be changed as the full scale range will be double that of the unipolar setup. For example, if you had it set for 0 – 2mV/V, the bipolar version would be +/- 2mV/V, ie 4mV/V.

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SY038 Din Rail load cell amplifier (user selectable gain)

The SY038 is a strain gauge bridge amplifier. A Variable gain functionality using miniature dip switch enables the user to select one of 16 ranges for transducer outputs as low as 0.25mV/V up to 4.4mV/V (higher if specified). It has the best stability in its class and high immunity to interference. It's cased in a very compact Din Rail mounting format. Non-interactive Zero and Span are screw driver adjustable giving a further +/-20% adjustment.

The amplifier can be ordered with a 2 pole low pass Bessel filter fitted, for applications where low noise is more important than bandwidth.

The DC powered unit is packaged in a very neat 72.5 x 18 x 62mm Din rail case, with connection made by rising clamp terminals with 3.5 x 2.5mm apertures. The Mains powered version is housed in a wall mount IP65 sealed ABS Case measuring 162x83x55mm. Both versions can drive up to 4 350ohm load cells.

The product is ideal for resellers and load cell manufacturers or process engineers on the road to carry as just one spare part can cover so many ranges and applications.

An AUTOMOTIVE version is also available. This operates over the 10-16Vdc range. Spec differences are, Excitation = 6V, voltage output version gives +/-5V rather than 10V.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory by Synectic Design Ltd

Sensitivity (mV/V) Switch selectable (0.25 - 4.4)
Outputs Specify on order (4 - 20mA or +/- 10V)
SY038 Datasheet (April 2014)173.52KB Download
SY038 Manual (Sept 2014)282.71KB Download